Is Sharepop legit?

I have only seen Negative Reviews.

Has anyone here used it?

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roads30 2 years ago

even if i had a social media following of some grand magnitude, i'd still venture off elsewhere. but then again i'm isolated and don't really want to have to answer 200 questions to people or flat out be ghosted.

ttguard 2 years ago

Oh, then the closest but not great similar app is GiftPanda/CashPirate. Same deal to install apps, but lower chashout $2.50 PayPal, global. Not great, but you could refer to your farm id you have one. Had 3, got about $6-7/mo. Might just wanna avoid these kinda apps if you can use a GPT/more passive apps instead.

Fishering 2 years ago

So many upvotes, but no answers here. Hmm. I used sharepop a couple years back. For those of you who don't know what Sharepop is, here's basically a summary, at least a summary of what it was when I used it over a year+ ago: Sharepop pays you to get your friends to download apps. Think of it as... appbounty or featurepoints or just the download app offers on a lot of GPT sites, but the difference here is that you are the GPT site (in a sense). You're getting paid by sharepop to get people to download sponsored apps. The site targets people who have a high following on social media because they want you to just share the app with your followers and get them to download that way. It's really simple. Does it pay? Yes. Is it worth it? Probably not... unless you have a large following on Twitter/instagram/similar sites or apps. I believe the payment minimum is $100 (as of when I used it). I stopped using it because I have no following on any social media to advertise these apps (except for reddit, maybe, but tbh I don't feel like selling out). Hopefully that helps answer your question?

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