Is it necessary that you're good in content writing to be good in SEO?

If no, what are the tips on finding a good suitable freelancer for a content writer? Thank you!

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migz050505 2 years ago

That's a really great way to describe this. Thank you, I'm enlightened.

fluxxis 2 years ago

In the end your page has to be interesting and attractive to keep visitors. You don't have to be a good content writer exactly, I know some writers that are rather bad from a technical standpoint, but because they write for themselves their content is authentic and therefore also hits the target. If you have a good story to tell, you might want to try it on your own.

bokehmon22 2 years ago

Nope. You just have to leverage your skills and delegate such task to other people. I shoot weddings so I make more money shooting weddings than writing articles/blogging. I just outsource all my content creation to them. I also outsource some SEO to individual who provides good values to getting good backlinks.

Craig0412 2 years ago

I manage 9 clients right now and don't write a single thing. I'm a terrible writer, luckily I've got an in-house content team I can use. It's definitely something I'm going to work on but no you don't really need to be able to write in order to be good at SEO. Being good at SEO is all about looking at the data and making judgement calls on your findings, knowing where to go and how to build links and just generally coming up with ideas to push your client further.

MincoLesharo 2 years ago

That is like asking if you must have good bedside manner to be a good doctor. There are many types of doctors with different specialties. You can be an unbelievable link building Guru and not be able to write an interesting shareable piece of content. You can also be a very very good technical on page SEO, implementing schema creating internal linking excellent title tags meta descriptions, H1 tags, and improving readability and usability... and not know how to write linkable sharable content.

migz050505 2 years ago

What website do u think is the best to find content writers? Thank you for the detailed reply btw.

MichaelKirkham 2 years ago

Not sure the figure. Content does matter. Writing more important overall. Both off and on matters. It almost seems like you argue that off page is most optimal and then you refer to local linking. This example is probably not a good one as that's probably easy localized traffic for a whatever business. Aka easy to do aka easy small traffic and works well for any business to bring in some irl and non irl traffic. It's definitely not optimal for someone who is entirely online that's for sure. Content does matter and writing does definitely. I'd argue a figure higher than that figure truthfully. On page isn't hard and it's small but does matter. The same with editing and even deleting poor performing pages on your site that has resulted in traffic boosts strangely. Off page link building and much more is also key. But in the end it all compliments the content or for the most part, those who can write very well.

MichaelKirkham 2 years ago

So these other people claiming it's not important are wrong. It's very important still but important to your website. When you do guest blogs and podcasts and writing for other websites etc it still doesn't hurt be good in writing for sure. All of it will circle back if your name rings etc. Don't let someone tell you writing is not important. Content is harder to argue because it depends on what content and how competitive the field is. Regardless, the quality of writing does matter.

MichaelKirkham 2 years ago

Depends on what you do but honestly it is important. Overall, it's not the only important thing at all. But being really good at writing and having origin content and solid somewhat lengthy stuff too. Most of the top seo guys are good writers. But you also need to know how to leverage YouTube and video content. Link building and networks, pr and reports and pdf potentially. On and off page seo basically. Test deleting and editing content that isn't doing well to boost your traffic. There are lots of things to do. Testing them is key.

PierreBenneton 2 years ago

It's really a vague question. My take is that you don't have to be good in content writing to be a good SEO, but being a good writer helps. Unlike llawne I do think that content is key to both ranking and converting. For me it's actually the most important thing on your page and modifying your content can have a huge impact on your business. Now if you need to get someone to write your content I'd be looking for people with journalism and marketing skills that know the subject or the market for content is for. If you write about beer then a person that doesn't like that beverage is not the best choice even if he is the best writer in the world. you make the keyword research, they write the content, you review it, they modify it, then finally you optimize it for SEO. This is the way I work when I outsource content. (or when a client provides me content)

9868john 2 years ago

Where do you get your 10% figure from?

llawne 2 years ago

It's not about content only that's about 10% for me currently For on page optimization (headers, title, pagespeed) are other factors than just content. And off page optimization (high quality relevant backlinks) My best off page optimization required 0 content, was more working with reputable (nonpaid) sites to link to our business e.g. local city website, embassies, etc. Edit: it is important but you tend only to write good content once and you can spend the rest of your time writing more good content or finding ways to further optimize the content you have already written. In my case I don't tend to write tons of content but just write great content once and spend the rest of my time offsite working with social or highly ranked authoritative sites.

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