Is it just me, or is Slidejoy quietly transferring a LOT of background data?

I just checked and since August mine has transferred, like, 1.1 GB. This seems highly abnormal considering I'm a super-heavy power user of my phone and Chrome is only 1.5 GB, hardly ahead.

How's your app's data consumption?

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KeronCyst 2 years ago

To get around the data consumptiom, I just set up a script that repeatedly kills the app under specific conditions on my rooted phone, and it continues to deliver carats with no problem.

the_kfcrispy 2 years ago

I haven't noticed major problems until about a month ago, as it frequently freezes and the phone has to shut it down. It consumed over 3 GB in the past month! I sent 2 bug complaints recently and haven't gotten a response. My last reward redemption wasn't too long ago ($10 gift card for Amazon), so they still seem to be honoring it. Looking at the replies here, maybe I should switch to Adme soon

KE0BVT 2 years ago

I noticed this, too, and gave up on it a while ago. If my phone rang or got a text or something, the screen would come on and never go off until I swiped the ad and shut it off, absolutely killing my battery. I emailed SlideJoy a few times but never heard back. Between that and the data usage, it wasn't worth it.

wakerdan 2 years ago

Hi Majeed, does Adme work in Portugal?

blancmane 2 years ago

love the new app. best lockscreen now. hands down

HIVnotAdeathSentence 2 years ago

I really do need to cash out and delete it. Got $5 back in May and have almost $6 ready to cash out.

trachea 2 years ago

New Adme is better. Slidejoy I haven't used but it looks like they went downhill after their company got acquired by a bigger company.

AdmeOfficial 2 years ago

Hey everyone, this is Majeed from Adme. We recently released version 2.0 of our app and have made a lot of improvements including to data and battery usage. If the double mode ever seems to invasive, we offer a single screen mode which is further amenable to limited data plans. To add to this, we've reduced our cashout to just $5 bucks, have more bonus opportunities in app, and currently offer a $2 referral promotion. We've been around since 2013 and invite you to check out our latest release for yourself and hit us up with any feedback.

Nokel 2 years ago

My biggest problem with Slidejoy is that they barely give me any points any more. I've only made $2 since August

TheAspiringFarmer 2 years ago

no kidding. always laugh when people are shocked by stuff like this.

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