Is it becoming harder to make money online?

I am doing AmazonMerch but with increased competition, major throttling, big companies joining and lower royalties it is getting more and more difficult.

Youtube is another option that is getting harder to make significant money in due to demonetization and stricter monitoring of videos.

I like both of these as you can work whenever you want for as much or little as you want, you don't have to interact with anyone. As someone in the UK it is hard to find anything better, soon these 2 may not be worth the effort and time put in.

Anyone know any others options for someone in the UK similar to these? I have a degree if that helps.

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accioxtacos 2 years ago

Yep. I'm working on transitioning out of working online and am very eager to no longer depend on it at all. If you look at the resources linked in the right panel, the vast majority of those opportunities no longer exist. Working low-skill internet jobs with low barriers to entry used to be an introvert's paradise. Nowadays, there are very few jobs outside of remote customer service positions that provide reliable, consistent income. Another issue is the established content mills and such have all begun putting in place measures to punish lack of commitment even though they themselves are unable to reliably provide you with sustainable employment. I used to use sites such as Interact Media, OneSpace, and Upwork to pick up odd jobs here and there in between my longer-term engagements. I was recently laid off from a long-term independent contractor position that consistently provided me with about 45 hours of work per week, meaning I had no need to do work elsewhere for the 2 years I was working there. Now I have been locked out of work on Interact and OneSpace due to inactivity, and Upwork has switched my profile visibility to private. The fact that I have almost a decade of experience doing this type of work means nothing because a computer algorithm decides who gets inactivated. Between all of this BS clients are pulling and the lack of things like employee benefits, working online has just become too much of a headache to be worth it.

InternetAddictsAnon 2 years ago

Yes it certainly seems like its getting harder.

RobertKafadar 2 years ago

This times thousand. It's harder to do low skilled or unskilled jobs but way more companies hire freelancers. Your example: blogging sucks but Grant writing and e-learning writing is baby easy to get if you have training and portfolio.

Mikazah 2 years ago

Sort of. It's become harder in some ways, and easier in others. There are a lot more jobs around and more companies are opening up to remote workers. So it's certainly easier to find a job working online than it was years ago. But on the other hand, there are more and more people who want to work online so there's an increase in competition. Especially in work that can be freelanced. Everyone, their mother, and their dog now try to earn money online somehow. So it's significantly more difficult to earn a good amount money doing the easy/unskilled/do-on-your-own-time work.

-5677- 2 years ago

Competition will likely only increase, so yeah, everyday its going to be more difficult to make money online. Those who put in the most effort are the ones who will succeed.

mma13579 2 years ago

I have looked at freelance writing and blogging but the money compared to the effort seems so minimal and not worth it, I guess with any of these if you're not lucky and at the top or you are late to the party then you are stuck making barely anything for a lot of effort.

SarcasticSadist 2 years ago

Can't offer much, but I will agree that the market's tougher these days. My main gig is writing, and it was a hell of a lot easier to live off blogging before the social media era. Before, the web was someplace people Googled around and visited a wide variety of sites; niche interests and small businesses had a chance. Now everybody goes to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, whatever their home gated community is, and stays there all day.

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