Is cashmagnet legit?

Is this app legit? A new update offers no rooting required, which is the option I have chosen. website - http://cashmagnetapp.com/

Edit : When I leave it on overnight I'm averaging a quarter a night just by leaving it on (It auto-shuts off after 5hrs) I left it charging because it drains battery

My Ref : rGiCKZ Would be very appreciated if you used!

Edit 2: Just redeemed $1 Amazon, confirmed that they do pay . Took approx 30 hrs of runtime nonstop

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miko868 2 years ago

anyone try running this on something like bluestacks?

rikostan 2 years ago

Still a lot of weirdness. Each phone has different amounts of time it can run. It varies from 4 hours to 15 hours. I am level 2 and three out of my 4 phones have four games available to install, while the last one only has three. All of my phones started on the app within a half hour of each of each other. I've made $3.23 in right about three days, but I am almost to level three on two of the phones, so hopefully that will go up. It still says some of my phones are not active when I go look at the stats, but they are active and displaying ads or websites when I look. One of the phones has been running for a few hours today, but the site says it hasn't made anything. It seems there are a lot of bugs, but I am going to stick with it for a month to see how it does.

rikostan 2 years ago

From the FAQ "We are ready to pay you up to $ 15 per month on one phone. Since our service allows the use of 4 phones on one account, the amount increases to $ 60 per month."

sabrix666 2 years ago

Is there a phone limit for this app?

rikostan 2 years ago

How many games have you installed from it? Two of my phones have four and the other two only have three available. There is a lot of little odd things that happen, but so far I happy with it. Seems like they have some bugs to iron out, but if it will continue to run, it'll be better than the other passive apps. {EDIT} Man I wish people had to explain why they vote something down.

BigFelony 2 years ago

Seems to be working good so far QNdyI3

ian8585 2 years ago

Advanced to L2, and am making $.50+ a night (It runs for 12 hrs at L2)

player996 2 years ago

seems like it could be good but kinda sketchy

rikostan 2 years ago

Can somebody explain the "active" part on the statistics page? Everytime I refresh,it shows some of my devices as inactive, but I am looking right at them, they are playing ads, or loading webpages. The software is running and they are very definitely active. So far I am liking it. Perk has been running like crap for months and none of the other passive apps have been working very well either. I'll be okay with the $60 a month that the four phones will give me.

keekcat 2 years ago

Yeah it drained my battery like heck

ian8585 2 years ago

Do you have to keep them installed

_enki_ 2 years ago

the earnings depend on the country, from the number of installed games, do you use VPN or not, and of course from the level in the application, the higher the level, the more earnings, so someone says how much it earned, must understand that if it's the Philippines and the first level, then yes, there can be up to 10 cents a day And for the US, at the third level it should be more than 50 cents a day per phone

themightyox 2 years ago

You should never install any video running app on your primary phone. All of these apps stress phones and shortens their lives.

obiboobywan 2 years ago

Any idea how this affects your phone? Not sure I want to install this on my primary phone.

ian8585 2 years ago

Left on overnight and woke up to 30 cents, runtime was 4 hrs

themightyox 2 years ago

Can confirm that they do pay

roads30 2 years ago

previous post earlier was removed, not sure why. loaded it up tonight so i can't vouch for it being legit or a waste of resource. atm $0.03 earned, one referral. if it tanks at the $1 base test. then, well there you have it.

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