Is buying an Automated website better than trying to make one

ive seen some interesting auto sites ready to use for $99 are these sites worth the investment

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CoverAllPaints16 2 years ago

i would like help building a cryptocurrency wallet if possible i own a great domain thatll work,

AllmondEssentials 2 years ago

If you are willing to put the time and effort into them.

whingeypomme 2 years ago

i could make you an auto site on any subject. let me know what you want

yacinea 2 years ago

Actually, it can be an automated site using rss feeds to automatically copy content from other news websites.

CoverAllPaints16 2 years ago

thank you

Planks_Palace 2 years ago

This does happen all the time for one reason or another, I don't really get it!! If I was making passive income, why sell it for next to nothing!! However, nothing is completely auto!! There has to be some kind of content that has to be updated, and for this reason they might be selling due to loss of interest, or not enough time!! So I would say to just be sure that if there is content that has to be updated, then you are willing to do it, cause if not, it will probably tank!!

analconnection 2 years ago

If theyd be making money they wouldnt be selling them.

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