Is Bing Ads A Waste Of Money ?

I never hear about bing ads for anything...some people here say bing ads gets you a cheaper cpa if your targeting an older audience...is this true ?

I work for an agency and we only use google adwords and most of our customers are based in Canada. Is Bing ads more worth it in the US/UK/elsewhere ?

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ralphlaur1 2 years ago

do you do phrase or exact match keywords ?

pmpnot 2 years ago

I run an agency in Canada. One of our quick wins and "tricks up our sleeve" are running campaigns on Bing that are effective and cheap. Especially for the much more competitive niches for PPC

phobs56 2 years ago

I had success with Bing in the UK for a B2C product catered to older women. It was a much cheaper CPA than AdWords, not nearly as much traffic or revenue but it was worth it to keep it going as an advertising channel.

patssle 2 years ago

In my B2B USA market Bing is consistently 40-60% higher in cost per conversion over Google. Just can't get the cost down with either new campaigns from scratch or importing from Google.

adpaskhughes 2 years ago

As someone else mentioned, Bing can be crucial in some sectors. In the UK, certain sectors use Microsoft for everything- this often means IE is the default browser for desktop (and not everyone will change their search engine). If the company provides Windows phones as company phones, that can also lead to Bing being used more than usually. Not sure if it is the case now, but on some Windows Phones you couldn't change the Search engine from Bing when using the internet shortcut button, while their voice search is powered by Bing.

robotoverlord 2 years ago

Bing is worth it if you are careful. I stick to contextual and only bid exact.

keenjt 2 years ago

Question is does learning the system have the returns you need after testing? the answer would probably be yes, low competition - with the same searches on any other engine, google included. Just gotta be satisfied with the lower search volume.

shazbah 2 years ago

I advertise on it in 20 or so markets. Outside of the US, the volume falls off dramatically. I've never been able to match their claimed market share with the spend I do on it vs AdWords. The broad algorithm is very loose compared to AdWords so make sure you are on top of it or you're throwing money out the window. Same with search partners - they're a load of junk that transitioned over from arbitraging the Yahoo search feed. The demographic is older and heavily desktop (virtually no mobile traffic). It works very well for my niche and I'd love to get more volume but I'm maxing it out.

sampunk 2 years ago

Yes it is a waste, dont do it and let me have all the cheap traffic!!!

TTFV 2 years ago

It's a great add-on once you've got mature AdWords campaigns. By optimizing your ad spend between AdWords and Bing Ads you can maximize your profits from paid search.

moosk 2 years ago

Worth doing, especially considering you can copy over your AdWords campaigns. Stay away from 'partner' traffic though -- Full of fraud.

zoglog 2 years ago

Not a waste. It's always worth it to be present. Spend will obviously be far less

fathom53 2 years ago

90% of the time we do US and UK only for Bing. However, we has a client that does well on Bing in Canada. The audience isn't only older. Corp IT environment who force people use IE could be a case as well. With any client in the above market, we suggest clients try it out with a test budget and see. Bing is an easy win as competition is low. Usually 10%-20% of our spend and conversions compared to AdWords.

Medwars 2 years ago

Generally the traffic is a lot cheaper but it's a different target audience really. Older audiences with a higher conversion rate from what I've experienced. There's merits to using both and with the sync available between Bing and AdWords it takes very little effort to get going, Bing gets a bad rep but the traffic is still there!

Keyboard_Ninja_ 2 years ago

I view it like this, with google getting 85+ percent of all searches than thats where 85+ percent of your budget goes. So the other 15% should be split with other tactics. That being said, there are many factors that go into this such as the demo you are going after. Older people generally use other engines more as that is what comes on their computers.

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