Is anyone using Have2have.it, Curalate or similar tools for the link in their Instagram bio?

Looking into utilizing this sort of software for an account I help manage and wondering if anyone has had success with them. I've checked out Dash Hudson, Curalate and Have2have.it but don't know if one is best or if there are others I don't know about.

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zsearce 2 years ago

I use Later and it has this feature built into its business package. Curalate might be cheaper now but when I used it a couple of years ago, the price was ridiculous.

enitschke 2 years ago

They build a site that essentially mimics your Instagram, but posts become hyperlinks. So the link in your bio isn't just to your home page, you can tailor it for each post. They're mostly for online shopping, but publishers are using them as well. You can post an image then link it to an article or product in your store. Check out Food and Wines insta for an example. https://www.instagram.com/foodandwine/

enitschke 2 years ago

I'm in publishing, not retail, so I don't know that stoppable tags make sense for us?

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