Is anyone an American Expat working online in Mexico?

Are you a full time resident in Mexico? Can you live off your online work? Are there any legal issues you have to contend with?
Which sites hire in Mexico?

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maxmetalero 1 year ago

I am a US citizen living in Monterrey, Mexico and working part time as an ESL teacher online for the company Alo7. I make enough to live off of in the city (although I have housemates, due to me living in a more expensive part of the city) I am not a full-time resident, but I have family members that are and doing the same as me without any legal issues. If you are interested in teaching English to students in China, you could apply to Alo7. They are currently hiring more tutors and have been partnering with even more schools. Here is a referral link, I get $50 if you are hired Here is a non-referral link if you would prefer not to have me benefit from it

Stellyx 1 year ago

Tell me what the career is and I can give you those answers.

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