Is $1,000 per month consistently on Clickworker UHRS a realistic possibility?

I'm willing to work 8-10 hours per day to make that amount of money.

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Confirmed_Lurker 1 year ago

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Clickworker_Mediator 1 year ago

Things vary so much I'd never be able to guess what someone could consistently make, sorry.

[deleted] 1 year ago


wahhagoogoo 1 year ago

Man, don't do stuff like Clickworker if you want to earn money online. Learn a skill.

Clickworker_Mediator 1 year ago

No. No freelance job that isn't hourly paid can consistently offer a minimum amount of pay. Hazel - clickworker Community Associate

[deleted] 1 year ago

Not right now. Things have been ridiculously dry lately. There have been some months in the past where I've made over $3,000. But right now I'm lucky to pull in $400-$500 a month, and that's with constantly checking for new hits throughout the day, even on the weekends. I think I'm pretty fortunate to be able to make even that much, because based on posts I've seen most other people are making much less right now. Hopefully things will pick up soon (no way of knowing if/when they will) but $1,000 right now seems pretty impossible.

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