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I am looking for an app to grind to get Google credits or the like but most do t work cause only fr north america or other countries... tried using a VPN but it doesn't quite work as I get kicked of surveys.... can someone help me?

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dum_dum_me 3 years ago

Besides Cashpirate there's a similar app called uento, even though I am from Portugal the lockscreen works! There are also some apps to download once in a while. There is also an app called Money Sms, where you literally do nothing, just install it, and once in a while you will receive a message that will give you like two cents, not much, but you do nothing so it's good. If you do use it, use my referral code 51F0DAAD47 while creating the account and you will earn a little extra money.

SteampunkShogun 3 years ago

In the UK, there are no apps to download here. Though you can still earn in other ways.

[deleted] 3 years ago

Cash Pirate is international friendly. It's mostly app downloads (I only do Pirate picks), but there are surveys and other offers, too. Non-ref link If you enter my referral code "RYFPXV" at signup, you get +50% coins for the first 1000 coins you earn (= 500 coins bonus). edit: fixed link

toaurdethtdes 3 years ago

MooCash is an app where you download apps and use the app for a few minutes, its worldwide and Ive had decent luck with it. Moocash Noref

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