Influencer Backlinks via Affiliate Network? Bad for SEO, Right?

My company has started using an affiliate network called AffiliateWindow to manage our influencer and blogger campaigns (mostly so they can incentivize those influencers to continue working for us by helping them generate their own revenue stream). I'm really fearful that since those influencers are now running their links to our site through the affiliate network, that they will be useless as SEO backlinks.

Am I right? Should I be nervous and are there any work-arounds?

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felipencntst 1 year ago

I always disavow links with commercial intent (we had a few affiliates back in the day and we didn't want to risk it being considered a paid link, as it basically was). What I would do in your shoes: disavow the affiliate links and ask the bloggers to link your domain on a "partners" page or something. This way, they can keep monetizing in an optimal way and you can get your referring domain.

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