I want to make money online but I do not know how

I am from Venezuela I am 23 years old and I am a chemical engineer and in my free time I am learning to program to be able to work online, sadly my career is very poorly paid, that is why I want to work online to be able to leave the country and get a better life, I have searched in many places but I can not get a solution, I tried beermoney but most of the pages block my country or are difficult to access in regards to the accounts, the only thing I want is to work and get an extra income to be able to maintain myself and gather for my departure from the country.

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carliway 2 years ago

How about Spare5? You won't make millions overnight, but you can earn some cash on there by completing simple tasks. There are a lot of other Venezuelans on there, so it's definitely available in your country. You would need PayPal to receive money. You can also try other sites like Upwork and Fiverr to find jobs online. Good luck!

Shesha31 2 years ago

But how?

valiant-scrutiani 2 years ago

Hi, why don't you monetize your chemical engineering online?

Rondooooo 2 years ago


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