I paid dinner using Bitcoin in Venezuela. First time crypto-transaction of the restaurant!

I just paid dinner in Bitcoin. Venezuela is not mass adopting Bitcoin for now but various sites are starting to accept Bitcoin, that’s as payment in Bolivares suffer from inflation.

Here are the pics in bad quality of a couple of dishes + BTC transaction already confirmed.

https://picoolio.net/image/IaGW https://picoolio.net/image/IaGK https://picoolio.net/image/IaQ3

And yes it's an expensive restaurant in Venezuela, based on all the problems here, there are restaurants that are still offering good quality service and dishes but for an expensive price compared to monthly salary.

I'm happy Bitcoin is growing and these options are now here.

Thanks for reading.

PS. not sharing this because country where I made payment. I'm sharing because Bitcoin adoption. I would love to keep discussions of Venezuela out. But If you want me to explain current situation, you are free send me a private message.

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BTCMONSTER 10 months ago

And yes it's an expensive restaurant in Venezuela, based on all the problems here, there are restaurants that are still offering good quality service and dishes but for an expensive price compared to monthly salary. ----- no thanks, so u must be really rich to have that dinner?

rraadduurr 10 months ago

I see Venezuela's relationship with bitcoin the same Romania had it's relationship with internet after 89. Not much initially but because it was so much room to expand it got big and fast. Now it has one of fastest networks in Europe and a lot healthier than USA's(huge competition, dirt cheap prices).

Iridion3007 10 months ago

You are clueless...

oscar_salas93 10 months ago

No, it went fast.

tragamin 10 months ago

did it take 2 hours to confirm and the fee cost twice the price of the meal like those old men in Facebook comment sections have been saying?

cryptoworld0 10 months ago

Glad to hear that mate!

cm9kZW8K 10 months ago

The Venezuelan goverment is using crypto at a state level for money laundering and capital movements. You realize that is non-sense right ? You dont know what money-laundering means if you think that.

ForgotMyPass4Times 10 months ago


kopkillar 10 months ago

Do you understand yourgovernment is not the one starving the Venezuelan people. Another world power dislikes what Maduro government stands for. It's a real treat to their system. If Venezuella succeeded in their social movement is will spread like wild fire amongst the people in the world and that can not be allowed. USA source of world evil.

_paddy_ 10 months ago

On a lighter note... I hope you went for dinner and not lunch :-)

schism1 10 months ago

If Bitcoin helps just a little tiny bit its done is job. Bitcoin does not have to take over the world to be useful.

[deleted] 10 months ago


aubspadilla1 10 months ago

This, here, is, dope. I mean, come on! Bitcoin adoption has been rejected by a couple of "states" that think they are so good. But look at Venezuela and their openness? And you're right. It's not about the country! It's more of their capability to be open and see that there's NO HARM DONE.

felixcryptocat 10 months ago

When you do that, won't u feel that your meal has gotten more And more expensive ? I mean I would want to pay with bitcoin.. but at the same time I wanna hodl them... but if I hold them then it means it isn't really a meaningful currency... but if I spend them... ahhhhh!!!

chazzming 10 months ago


chazzming 10 months ago

Interesting. One guy did it! Great. So, how many Venezuelans are in a position to acquire bitcoins and eat in expensive restaurants?

parishiIt0n 10 months ago

Can't read? Must be Venezuelan army maybe

parishiIt0n 10 months ago

Nice joke

YaxxxeR 10 months ago


Slick424 10 months ago

26 cent. It's in the picture.

singularity098 10 months ago

It says right in the screenshot.

jorge 10 months ago

Dinner was $26 and how much was the network fee?

MOG-ICO 10 months ago

Cool man, great news! The core idea of cryptocurrency is to help people, so it is wonderful to see that changes are coming.

takenpool 10 months ago

Wew! It's really happening isn't it?

dfifield 10 months ago

Nice !!!

goshamee 10 months ago

Bitcoin will not magically fix our economy... Nobody ever said that... but sure.

triplewitching2 10 months ago

No one rises to greatness without some adversity, it is the stick that gets the ball rolling. I actually think the US will be one of the last places to adopt Bitcoin, or any crypto currency, just because the fiat here is so (relatively) strong, that there is little reason to change. I doubt many non-internet businesses will accept crypto here, until there is another Great Recession, and the people remember why Bitcoin was created in the first place.

SBrisbane 10 months ago

Cool man

rehaxxx 10 months ago

with the current situation in venezuela its must be 1 or 2 satoshi i guess

jerguismi 10 months ago

That's the most important thing in desperate times.

Bitcoin-Yoda 10 months ago

Good work! Keep it up! This is the silent revolution Venezuela need it. Adoption means that people start being educated about Bitcoin and then one by one start using it. May The Coin Be With You! Saludos to the restaurant owner, he's a courageous guy!

Bitcoin-Yoda 10 months ago

Step by step, piece by piece, one place at the time you build something. If nobody will make these posts, others will never know that is possible and maybe they will try. Adoption will not come suddenly in a morning everybody will start transacting in BTC. No, adoption start first of all with education, then people one by one start using it, to test it, then spread the words like OP. Make a silent revolution not a violent one. Bitcoin is the tool to make that silent revolution.

Iridion3007 10 months ago

That's okay hermano. I'm just trying my best to make people understand that if anything, people using Bitcoin is Venezuela is a desperate measure in attempt to survive the dictatorship. It's not that we are better than others or more advanced, we are simply broken.

[deleted] 10 months ago


DarkDosman 10 months ago

Oh man I wish you so much luck that you get rid of the socialist regime. Godspeed my friend

oscar_salas93 10 months ago

Doesn't mean is advanced. Maybe New Zealand is good with their current economy. Not sure of that. But Venezuela has massive inflation problems, so it makes sense people looking to adopt other solutions.

BCHBULL 10 months ago

donde es?

Pipdotcom 10 months ago

Well who would have thought. Venezuela is far more advanced than my country, New Zealand. Try and buy anything to eat here with Bitcoin. Ha Ha.

oscar_salas93 10 months ago

No one is talking about that. Take a breath and read the thread slowly and don't follow the title only. Weird thing is, title doesn't say mass adoption, or states any pro-government related.

Iridion3007 10 months ago

My only real advice is.. if you think Venezuela's "adoption" of crypto will have a meaningful and positive impact in our beloved ecosystem, you're wrong. If anything, Maduro's doing will only hurt our image and our reach. The Venezuelan goverment is using crypto at a state level for money laundering and capital movements. They have a 30 million strong population controlled with a 2$/month salary and paramilitary armed groups in the streets killing whoever dares to raise the voice.

oscar_salas93 10 months ago

Well you might be reading the wrong thread as I mentioned in post that this doesn't mean Venezuela mass adopting crypto and not even close to say that it'll fix Venezuela's economy.

Iridion3007 10 months ago

I laugh so hard on these Bitcoin adoption threads in Venezuela. Im really tired of going from post to post trying to explain the Venezuelan situation. This time I'll make a summary... Venezuelans will truly care about Bitcoin when they're able to eat, sleep and cure themselves properly. Any Bitcoin adoption hit story you might find, any real evidence you might find is not true adoption but a desperate attempt to circumvent the actual problem. I'm not saying Venezuela is not more sensitive towards crypto due to the stupid high inflation, but my country is so destroyed and messed up right now, we do not have the strength, organization, even time to make this happen. Our economy is broken, and btc will help out, but let's be realistic, Bitcoin will not magically fix our economy...

kairostech99 10 months ago


sfjacob 10 months ago

I think more people are taking it and will continue to because of inflation. Imagine living in a place where Bitcoin is more stable than a government backed currency.

oscar_salas93 10 months ago

False. Not mass adoption so far. Weird to find a place that accepts Bitcoin. Maybe in a couple of months it'll happen. And, well, maybe yes, government decisions helped people to search about it and adopt it.

meadowpoe 10 months ago

Happy the revolution is happening again.. Do u think this is all part of the government fostering the use of cryptocurrency? I read also that tourists can pay almost everything in crypto?

padape 10 months ago

No it is not false. People are dying of starvation. But as any country in conflict, people try to keep going with their lives. Some people can indeed go to a restaurant and eat (really expensive), but for most people that is impossible, and in the markets it is still expensive and normally there is nothing there anyway. You may ask, ok how they survive? What they eat? Well, if you are hungry you have to get creative.

oscar_salas93 10 months ago

If you go to a supermarket youll hardly find anything. Some supermarkets are ok but with unregulated prices. So for a salary thats 700k Bsf, the unregulated market settles its value to $4 USD a month. I just paid $26. But I must say I work with companies outside Venezuela. I can afford dinner like this sometimes. Also theres still people with money in Venezuela but majority or big part of the country is suffering from economic problems. Thanks

GustavoCerati 10 months ago

So cool man. I found a liquor store here in Venezuela that also accepts Bitcoin.

FriendFrog 10 months ago

Venezuela still has food?

[deleted] 10 months ago


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