I need help for find a job!

Hello reditors,

I need help to find a job, I was around 1 month trying to find something as Virtual Assistant or any others job like this because I worked in a several local companies and I have the facilitiy to do any task related with this kind of jobs and I still don't find anyting.

I'm from Venezuela, probably many of you know the situation here in my country and for that I trying to find a job... It's hard find job here because the economy it's catastrophy and if you find, the salary don't work for living one entire month, in reality with the montly minimal salary you can stay quiet around 2 weeks or less.

For that and for many other factors I'm trying to find job with this way, I already try with UpWork but the page have many VA and my request was not accept, so if you know where I can find a job or any of you need a VA, please let me know, please!

Thanks you!

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