I have a story idea for a book I want to write. What do you guys think of the premise?

People who experience sleep paralysis are actually in a state where they have crossed or perhaps dragged into an alternate/parallel dimension/realm. The creatures people see during sleep paralysis are actually trying to drive people to the brink of insanity, something that has been seen in real life before. During the night "hunters" or whatever they would be called purposely enter this realm to hunt down the creatures and eliminate them before they can get to anyone. These hunters would live in secret, nobody would know they existed. The story would follow a young man who accidentally meets a hunter, learning about the realm and it's secrets. He would struggle to balance his day life with his night life as he trained to become a hunter. So what do you guys think? Would it be interesting to read?

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Jamtree 2 years ago

Sounds pretty cool. Kind of Nightwatch-esque but not. Got them shades of Lovecraft and Bloodborne in there too, but the whole sleep paralysis thing/alternate dimension stuff with a secret society of hunters is what makes it stand out. Get that sweet training phase in there and reveal things as the character experiences them and it could be interesting.

the_never_mind 2 years ago

They're trying to generate power from insanity, and they haven't discovered the incredible power of laughter. Or friendship.

1dynasty1 2 years ago

I've written a novel once before at 15 and some short stories as well so really what I need to figure out right now is the details of the story before I can start working on it. I'm a fast writer as well which helps, I can knock out about 3000 words in an hour and spend maybe 20 minutes proofreading it

Humes-Bread 2 years ago

There was a somewhat similar horror movie about 15 years ago called "They" that focused on night terrors. I remember it being pretty freaky at the time. Sounds like yours has a decent amount of differences to it that makes it more action + suspense instead of horror (usually in horror movies, the protagonists have to be fairly lacking in control, thus the horror). I'd echo others here. Cool premises are a good start. The difficult part is always execution. It's what makes the greats great. You've got to practice somewhere, so might as well be with this premise. One pitfall of beginners is waiting to use their good idea until they are masters. It doesn't happen because the practice has to come before the mastery.

gutfounderedgal 2 years ago

Sounds good. Get writing!

CamlinDomino88 2 years ago

It's a good premise, but a premise isn't really a plot, let alone a full story

writingnomad 2 years ago

Noob question but what's the difference between premise and non-derivative premise?

Punchclops 2 years ago

It's an OK start for a premise but you need to go deeper. Why are these creatures trying to drive people insane? What do they get out of it? How did the hunters discover the creatures? What do they get out of hunting them? What's the reason they need to be kept secret?

Adlestrop 2 years ago

And sometimes a stupid premise can be executed well. A sentient tire wanders the desert while making peoples heads explode.

drnancy3 2 years ago

I like the premise.

SockofBadKarma 2 years ago

It sounds like a premise, and it also sounds like a non-derivative premise, so you're good there. As for whether it would be interesting to read, that's entirely up to the actual story and your personal writing capacity. A premise alone does not an interesting story make, no matter how cool it is.

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