I have a 400k mailing list. How do I get money out of it?

a 400k+ mailing list. I did not buy the list from some provider, but this is the actual client database from a company. However I am not allowed to use their brand name or cannot be associated with them.

All subscribers in that list have a strong interest in healthy food and lifestyle.

Currently I do not have any Blog, Ecommerce store or something similar and would prefer to not sell the list at a whole.

What would be my best options to get the most money out of that list?

Thank you very much in advance!!

(for some reasons I used a throw-away)

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blitzballs 4 years ago

Thank you very much for all your comments! Most of you mentioning the legal issues (and since I'm based in the EU), I decided to back out of the whole thing

MarketingDungeon 4 years ago

I would probably do a test mailing to a small sample of the list giving them something for free and after that check the performance of the list before thinking about monetizing at all.

bendistraw 4 years ago

1) You can legally mail to them but there is high probability they will unsubscribe. 2) You trade money for goods or services. Find something to sell. 3) What platform will you send with? Even a small list like this on a new IP can be an issue unless it's a top provider.

easy_mak 4 years ago

This all sounds kinda sketchy, but I'd build a custom FB audience with it, see how decent it is - then offer some Paid Social campaigns for health/food/lifestyle pages/companies/etc. That should help you avoid CAN-SPAM legal issues, AFAIK.

nikiu 4 years ago

Companies based in Second and Third world countries that sell such products would be very interested. They don't have many legal barriers to spam the shit out of that list.

boolpies 4 years ago

I'd only use it for social campaign targeting the email addresses within a similar vertical, otherwise, stay away from it.

RigasTelRuun 4 years ago

If you can't use their brand then those subscribers don't know you. Anything you send them can be considered spam and could get you in a lot of legal trouble. If even one of those people live in Europe or Canada or any of the places that make this super illegal you'd be biting off more than you bargained for. Personally I report all mailing lists that I didn't subscribe to and i get really annoyed when it happens.

forevereatingdessert 4 years ago

Obtain mailing list ????? PROFIT!!!

RandyHoward 4 years ago

Go to clickbank (or other similar sites), find promotions that fit your audience, spam the list. Repeat. What everybody else is saying about them not being opted in to receive promos is true, you are playing with fire. You will burn the list and any domains you mail from by doing this.

sn76477 4 years ago

I am not allowed to use their brand name or cannot be associated with them. Then you do not have an opt in contract with those users. i.e. do not mail them.

shah_s 4 years ago

Do you have legal authority to mail them? If you obtained the mailing list from a company, chances are that the people on that mail list only opted in to receive communications from that company only.

chmpdog 4 years ago

Partner with an ecommerce store!

[deleted] 4 years ago

but this is the actual client database from a company. But are they opted-in to receiving promotional materials or targeted advertisements? If not, you're playing with fire, and will get burned.

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