I did the Hulu sign up offer on Swagbucks last Tuesday

I did the offer, and after 24 hours of not getting paid I contacted SB through their help center. I filled out all the info and I got a ticket confirmation but I have not gotten a response and my offer does not show up on the pending screen

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KarminBlue 11 months ago

I am waiting for my $14 Barkbox credit too. Contacted them and have been waiting for a response besides the automatic reply. I'm sure holidays are making them extra busy. Waiting game for now, indeed!

Firerose157 11 months ago

They have not responded to me with more than "We will investigate..." I contacted Trialpay, as recommend by some, but they were unable to help. Just gotta play the waiting game for now I guess!

nistone 11 months ago

Submit a ticket with Trialpay instead. They're the actual provider of that offer. It'll get dealt with much quicker.

[deleted] 11 months ago

Uhm... I got credited instantly and only had to wait a few days to get my reward.

MeatBrick64 11 months ago

Mine took 4 weeks to credit. I have absolutely no idea if it's supposed to take that long or if SB support had to intervene, but it did credit. So I would keep (patiently) pestering SB support about it every week or so until it credits. They may be more helpful since the focus is 100% swagbucks over there. They also post offers, news, etc

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