I did the Hulu sign up offer on Swagbucks last Tuesday

I did the offer, and after 24 hours of not getting paid I contacted SB through their help center. I filled out all the info and I got a ticket confirmation but I have not gotten a response and my offer does not show up on the pending screen

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KarminBlue 2 years ago

I am waiting for my $14 Barkbox credit too. Contacted them and have been waiting for a response besides the automatic reply. I'm sure holidays are making them extra busy. Waiting game for now, indeed!

Firerose157 2 years ago

They have not responded to me with more than "We will investigate..." I contacted Trialpay, as recommend by some, but they were unable to help. Just gotta play the waiting game for now I guess!

nistone 2 years ago

Submit a ticket with Trialpay instead. They're the actual provider of that offer. It'll get dealt with much quicker.

[deleted] 2 years ago

Uhm... I got credited instantly and only had to wait a few days to get my reward.

MeatBrick64 2 years ago

Mine took 4 weeks to credit. I have absolutely no idea if it's supposed to take that long or if SB support had to intervene, but it did credit. So I would keep (patiently) pestering SB support about it every week or so until it credits. They may be more helpful since the focus is 100% swagbucks over there. They also post offers, news, etc

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