I created a website with a chronological Instagram feed

bsite that you can log in with your Instagram and view your feed in chronological order and have no promoted posts.

It's still in the beginning stages so it is not live yet, but it will have all the features you can do on the Instagram website including commenting, following, etc.

Only issue is it does not have the OAuth, meaning it does not have that message where it links you to Instagram.com and asks you to give permission to the app to use your account. I can see this being a problem because users will be worried that I am stealing all of your Instagram account information. So I can see people being hesitant about that, but I can assure you none of it is saved anywhere.

What are your thoughts and would you like me to continue this project?

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binary_num 2 years ago

cool idea but the app won't get approved by IG

[deleted] 2 years ago

Instagram prohibits the use of their API to mimic Instagram's functionality, as stated in their Platform Policy rule #24. Add something unique to the community. Don't use the Instagram APIs to replicate or attempt to replace the functionality or essential user experiences of Instagram.com or any of Instagram's apps. so how do you plan to get around that?

praharpatelpl 2 years ago

First think I can think of is getting rid of the the ads which u already have , maybe even some features from those apps that show you how follows you and stuff incorporate in the app would be nice too

praharpatelpl 2 years ago

If you could think of a few more features that the original app doesn't support, you could probably make some money off the app

davidsa03 2 years ago

I could make an app if given enough interest. But I would probably make a web application first for a beta edit: more text

Jackwhawkins 2 years ago

If it works on mobile, I think it'll be great

davidsa03 2 years ago

Would no promoted posts still be enticing?

TheMacMan 2 years ago

Instagram is returning to a feed based on recency of the posts, so this site isn't necessarily needed. https://instagram-press.com/blog/2018/03/22/changes-to-improve-your-instagram-feed/ And in the current climate of privacy concerns on social media, getting people to give an unknown app from a no-name developer full access to their account is going to be difficult.

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