I can't find any international survey taking sites

I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina I can not find any good surveys. The only one I found so far is PaidViewpoint and I can't find anymore. Do you have any recommendations?

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PersonZee 2 years ago

It doesnt work for Bosnia, but still thanks for the information.

iTrenton 2 years ago

Yes Grindabuck is the legit best there is. First cashout is 10$ then after that you can do 5$ cashouts and even 1$ with paypal and they have a few good survey routers on there some of which are international. Some members make 15-20 a day just doing surveys. There is a chat with very friendly people as well that can help! Ref Link http://grindabuck.com/index?ref=itrenton Non Ref Grindabuck.com Good luck and if you join ill be happy to help you in the chat on there. Hope it works for yea and if you are in chat holler at me and i can help you out! And if you sign up under me you can get 1.00 right off the bat!

PersonZee 2 years ago

Yeah Im checking it out right now and it seems good. Thanks.

unicornalmighty 2 years ago

Prolific Academic is good. It's run by academics for academics. I do believe it's international. It pays well and there's never been a survey I've been rejected from unless it's full. Minimum payout's 5.00 (currency might differ depending on location). Link to join ref link: https://www.prolific.ac/p?ref=CXMAXVX6 non-ref link: https://www.prolific.ac

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