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I have not made the transition to https yet. However when I type in the https url for my homepage I see a duplicate but without proper formatting. It’s almost like a copy of my homepage without the CSS.

Is this bad? Or nothing to worry about.

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Rasmus121 2 years ago

Use canonical

miihill 2 years ago

Just set up catch-all 301 redirect rule, update your sitemap and set the canonical URL for each page to the Https version. Your Google rankings might fluctuate, but they'll soon recover.

mattbpkt 2 years ago

OK thanks seems like I need to just bite the bullet and make the switch. I was putting it off because I know I'll lose my rankings for a month or so while the search engines get used to the new site.

breakingeveninc 2 years ago

When you do this for real, dont forget to change your Google Analytics settings so it keeps collecting data. Not that IVE done that on my website or anything... ;)

canadianwriter 2 years ago

You can easily set a redirect for any https page to the http version to avoid any issues there but in reality at this point you should be moving over to SSL.

not_a_conspiracy2 2 years ago

to awnser your specific question ... when the https url request goes through, your host is providing the html file back but the css file is not going through because any number of reasons ... go to the https site and when the page loads check the console in developer tools of your browser and you'll most likely see an error there

mattbpkt 2 years ago

But Im not ready to move to https. I want to stick on http.

seocorpindia 2 years ago

Yup! I agree with @bhuva47, that all you just need is changing your URL to https. This will surely help you and the remaining issues will be cleared off as soon as this is done.

bhuva47 2 years ago

You need to change all http url to https. Try wordpress search and replace plugin & ssl insecure content to fix this problem.

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