How would you use $100k on the company?

I asked this in r/marketing but I'm not getting a lot of answers so I figured I'd ask it here as well.

I recently applied at a marketing agency and they contacted me to let me know they received my resume and asked me "If I were to give you $100k to increase revenue for www.cardiffskates.com, how would you do it?"

I told them I would use 20% of it at first for Facebook ads, 15% on YouTube ads, and 15% on sponsored posts on influencers social media. And then use the rest of the 50% to optimize the top one or two channels based on performance, (this delegation might change based on estimated CPCs and costs of sponsored posts though).

I wanted to get everyone else's input. How would YOU use it and why?

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RedditWork_60047 3 years ago

I'd do some market research on competitors. I'd take a look at google web master for specific keywords relating to the skates. Then I'd spend like 75- 90% on paid seo/sem and content creation to really try and own those keywords on google (this include youtube ads). Then I'd spend the rest on social media ads.

FRELNCER 3 years ago

So only paid placements, no owned content development?

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