How to start a Social Media Marketing Agency?

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mytmew5 2 years ago

Go to meetups, differientiate, know your shit. THE END

jefflazaro 2 years ago

Get acquaintance.Advertise your product.Work with them and tell them the benefits

manoticknanny 2 years ago

I just put it out on LinkedIn that I've gone solo and the clients started calling. Good Luck!

doomxsayer 2 years ago

If you have to ask you arent ready

droobboob 2 years ago

Cool tip.. its better for a long term thing. What would you suggest to get a few quick clients just to try out which niche fits best?

droobboob 2 years ago

That is one thing everyone should learn...

gordon_paterson 2 years ago

Learn how to sell :)

CantDoACartWheel 2 years ago

Finda niche and work only in that for the time being. Become and expert in a certain field and slowly Branch out. Sometimes working with someone or something not very common is better than working with say, restaurants. Try to find people who will let you do your thing and not try to micromanage what they're paying you to do. Start with people you know, let them know how you can make them money but let them also know that it takes a bit of time. It's not as simple as flipping a switch on and seeing numbers roll in. I've worked with many people who think this is what it's like online. Don't under sell yourself or think you need to give people a deal. Have numbers to back up your claims. Know the numbers clients care about and know the numbers you should care about. Don't just tell someone you can do something, show them you can.

KPhun 2 years ago

Figure out the type of business you want to work with. Figure out where they hang out, go to Those events, forums, groups. Figure out what kind of results you want to get for them. Tell them in 15 words or less what your business is and what youll do for them. I help businesses use Facebook as a lead generating machine Theres no magic formula in starting a social media agency over any other business. Just basic foundational principles.

droobboob 2 years ago

Well then any hits on getting clients?

MorriesWigShop 2 years ago

Get clients. Do work for them.

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