How to name jpgs/pngs for SEO?

So I have 50-100 pics on my site. How should I name them?

My primary keyword is "car detailing toronto".

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YouTubeJorge 2 years ago

Title should be short description of image.

jamescridland 2 years ago

Use ALT tags as another redittor has said. Better still is to have a visible caption, which is properly and semantically done by using HTML5's figure.

an image
This is the caption
I've also had success putting images into my sitemap file.

mikehookipa 2 years ago

Oh I see. How does Google interrupt it though? my file names would be like: mercedes after interior car detailing service very clean interior of car customer car with company truck in background Is that the right way to do it? my current file names are just laced with keyword.

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