How to make money through local business listing website?

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jmf421 3 years ago

What's the website? I would certainly think through some services you can offer or partner with someone who offers these services. Also Ads and Affiliate offers

Dhavalpnr 3 years ago

I would like to suggest that first offer free listing for some users. Build some good backlinks, domain authority and page authority. Run some contest on your website. Offer best deal for your listing

askjeremyjones 3 years ago

Interview each owner and have them provide education on a topic. Then make an amazing Groupon type offer for the viewers with an offer expiration. Arrange with the host to split the profits with you 50/50. (Or whatever percent makes sense) Provide value. Make an offer. Split the profits.

pynerds 3 years ago

Thanks. Any other way?

janispmednis 3 years ago

Paid premium listing space etc.

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