How to Get Keyword Search Volume Trends in New AdWords Interface? Or Alternative?

AdWords Keyword Planner, I used to be able to see the search volume trend per keyword. I no longer see this. Is there a way to generate this? I also noticed that other platforms (SerpStat, SEMRush) don't seem to reference search volume trends as a feature any longer. Is it safe to assume that this data is no longer accessible?

Any alternatives?

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thetrexx 2 years ago

Our company does. Problem is that I cannot find the search volume trends in the new interface. Already tried reading their help pages and still no clue.

petsoukos 2 years ago

Wish all those tools worked better for my language.

butterscotcheggs 2 years ago

You can still see keyword volume in Semrush. There are many other tools (paid-for) that lets you check kw volume: Ahref Moz Keywordtool.io Etc You actually can still access keyword volume with adwords but only if you spend over certain amount each month. Google was trying to calm down onto the free loader.

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