How to fix on-page SEO

Our team had been trying to optimize our SEO for some time. We had been doing a lot of off-page SEO in the form of guest posts but weren't sure if it was coming together. We came across an incredibly helpful on-page SEO checklist that allowed us to automate auditing our entire site for keywords, H1 tags, H2 tags, alt tags etc. While it took some time, it was essential to optimizing our SEO and we can see the difference in results for a number of our keywords. You can read more about it here, if you'd like: https://blog.zipboard.co/how-to-do-on-page-seo-audits-the-right-way-8600d3fc0c5

Also, if anyone else has any ideas for optimizing SEO, please share them.

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bannercoin 3 years ago

We created a simple tool to help improve on page SEO for specific keywords. Put in your URL and target keywords and the tool will provide recommendations on what to do to improve on page SEO - http://bannerview.com/seo-recommendations/

anerdsworld 3 years ago

I created a youtube video on this very topic. Top 10 mistakes with SEO in 2017 (for beginners) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHwzLAq4Dck&t=94s

kudosta 3 years ago

content marketing. content according to your target keywords or your services. new content blog share on all social media accounts. and get traffic for lead generation.

wiki_nom_nom 3 years ago

Yeah, there are a number of intricacies to each of the SEO checklist points. This will hopefully help people find their way to that and understand there is a way to become aware of the problem. If you're not aware of where to begin that can just lead to more chaos and confusion. Also, thanks for sharing those links!

iamusr 3 years ago

I think the On-page Optimization guide by Brian Dean is one of the exhaustive and comprehensive list. You should follow that. I believe you do not need anything more.

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