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Hey there,

My family produces some of the finest essential oils on the market. The plants we use are almost exclusive to the part of the world we live in. Up until now, we have sold our oils to big brands that would then pack them really nicely and sell them for 10x the price they bought them.

This year we decided to go our own way. We hired a designer to make our brand, we made a website and we are planning to start an affiliate program. Our line of thought was that we can easily ship our products to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The problem we have right now is that we don't have a network of affiliates yet. Because of this, we are not sure if we can sell all the oils we make this year. The solution might be to connect to some of the small stores in Europe and US that sell essential oils.

Because we do everything, from growing plants to making oils and putting them in bottles we have almost no expenses other than our work. We can offer a better price than our competitors. We are just not sure how we can find and contact those little stores, or even bigger ones if they might be interested.

Any ideas?

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notatool1 2 years ago

Good idea. In fact, I already made a list of keywords that could give me influencers that might be interested in promoting my oils. Will check some diffuser keywords.

notatool1 2 years ago

I have actually, I contacted CJ but they told me that since the brand is new and the domain is new (I had 0 visitors) it would be better for me to go with a smaller network since they have a 6k yearly fee. I then contacted some of them (via email) but they never replayed. Because of that, we decided to go with our own affiliate program. This way we can invite influencers and we have complete control over the process. We didn't implement it completely yet but we are working on it.

BoldenConsulting 2 years ago

Have you tried searching online for Affiliate Networks and partnering with a few ?

iPhonze25 2 years ago

I might be interested in selling them on my gift shop, msg me for more info

hotels_on_atlantic 2 years ago

Reach out to social influencers and figure out the cost to promote your brand website. Alternatively, pursue some aggressive SEO.

Streetserenader 2 years ago

Yoga studios. Message me

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