How to change job role from HR to Digital Marketing?

Hi, I am an IT graduate and I've worked in tech support, admin support and HR for all my years working. I want to be in a digital marketing role. I've started on taking courses online. I've recently become Google Analytics and Google Adwords certified. I also have an Inbound Marketing certificate from Hubspot.

How do I land a role in digital marketing when all I know are theories and have no real practical experience in it and my CV will show that my experience is not in this role?

Can you pleas give me advice? Thank you!

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avengethenatives 3 years ago

This will teach u all the basics for free http://elmama100.com/Startup

makmanager 3 years ago

When I first time applied for a marketing-related job, i used one trick. I've described my previous experience as customer support agent and secretary in my CV and showed that I have all skills to learn fast and apply this knowledge. By the way, I have got a marketing job without even having certifications. Cool resume and some knowledge is a big plus when you would like to change your occupation.

_underlines_ 3 years ago

Honestly, even if you're not having practical experience, having a GA and AW certification and even Hubspot should give you very good chances for any SEM or Web Analytics junior job application already. Depends on where you search for a job but in Europe and Asia there is a shortage of SEM/Web Analysts and the companies eat you alive. In Switzerland, the agency I worked for even recruited people from as far as eastern Germany for SEM.

toxxed 3 years ago

I never really thought of my experience counting for something as you've said, but your suggestion to look for something in the HR sector makes sense. I would be able to market them as I would know what their customers (me) might be looking for. Can you explain why it is more preferred to work agency side?

toxxed 3 years ago

Can you tell me why I should go for agency side instead of client side? Because where I'm at, agencies usually have teams for separate areas of online marketing. But companies / clients, they all advertise for one digital marketing person who they expect to do all aspects of online marketing.

toxxed 3 years ago

Thanks. This is what I plan on doing. I've recently started my website and plan to learn doing affiliate marketing and implement what I've learned so far. Just to have something to show for when I apply for a role. I am also thinking of trying part time roles and consider working even without a salary in a digital marketing role just to build my experience.

lovereddit2015 3 years ago

How would you recommend moving from digital marketing to HR?

adpaskhughes 3 years ago

An entry-level position agency-side would be the best bet, but it might also be worth keeping an eye on mid-level roles within the HR sector, e.g. a digital marketing role for a HR software provider, HR training provider or HR consultancy. Agency-side experience is still preferred, but you might find your experience counts for something if you find a marketing role within the HR sector.

EverMoar 3 years ago

You're off to a great start getting certified and taking online courses. You'll likely need an entry-level position and start to climb from there if you have zero experience in a digital marketing role. Try to find an agency if you want the most experience possible in several different areas, preferably one with senior staff who can train you. And practice on your own with a website or a blog, anything you can to practice what you want to focus in.

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