How to best take online payments?

pecialized, pre-order bakery and will be starting to take payments later this week (hopefully! If I can figure this out.) I have gone through this and learned that there are a lot of issues with PayPal and that many recommend FreshBooks.

I don’t think FreshBooks is good for me due to the limited amount of clients you can have before it gets really expensive.

I estimate that I will have 10-30 people making orders (and payments) each week. My sister told me she likes the Cash app for transfers and that seems pretty easy, but I think it’ll be hard asking customers to download an app to pay me.

I don’t want to deal with physical cash, yet- as the ingredients I use are very expensive and I want to receive payment before making all the orders that I will be delivering later in the week. Does anyone have any recommendations that may work f

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GardinerAndrew 2 years ago

You could have a website built and have the checkout threw Stripe. I just had this same issue and stripe is great. If you would like someone to take care of this for you (website build with a stripe integrated checkout) PM me and I could help you out, I build websites for a living.

lauradian 2 years ago

Ya I dont plan on that. I do not.. Im selling via Facebook and Instagram and just wanted to send a link with a way to pay. I didnt specify that because I think Ive decided to use square after messing around with a few different websites/apps.

tomhalejr 2 years ago

Definitely don't try and force customers to download an app... Am I reading between the lines that you have a WP site?

TuesdayDom 2 years ago

Ive personally had a great experience with Stripe and recommend it for most of my clients, especially for lower volume start up operations. Its incredibly easy to use and can scale well as your bakery grows.

mspStu 2 years ago

This is the combo I use. Toss on a $50 template and you can get a pretty professional look in a day or so.

lauradian 2 years ago

I havent looked into Woocommerce, will check it out, thanks!

nannooo 2 years ago

Why not use Wordpress + Woocommerce? It supports a lot of payment gates. My favorite is Stripe, but PayPal is kind of a must unfortunately. I het you can hook it to some accounting software if need that.

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