How to become a transcriptionist?

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Wondering if anyone works from home doing transcription and could tell me about it. Are there any courses I should do ? (And links if there are any in Aus) Do you have flexibility with your work hours? Did you have prior experience? Any negatives?


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Sea-Salt 2 years ago

There is Rev.com; I'm not quite sure if it's meant for US folks only or if you can do stuff from anywhere, but you can try looking into it. The only real training is the test they put you through to get a feel for how the site works and all. You can get a few bucks out of it, at least. The only thing that scared me away from continuing is the fact that taxes aren't being accounted for, and I don't want to be stuck trying to remember how much I owe at tax time if I went a few cents over the limit of what has to be reported (once again, speaking in US terms; not sure how Australia handles that).

jockcel 2 years ago

Would someone with a high WPM make more?

lilynut 2 years ago

Dont even bother. Its a dying field. I did it for 13 years and now the only jobs that havent gone to voice recognition pay about $5 per hour. You get paid by the line in most cases but thats what it equates too.

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