How Small Businesses Use Social Media in 2018

Hi, I found very interesting survey how small businesses use social media platforms to promote their business:

"Over 70% of small businesses use social media, according to a survey of more than 350 small business owners. The survey analyzes how small businesses use social media, including the platforms they use, the frequency they post, and the types of content they share. Business owners can use the data when planning their social media strategy."

More here: https://clutch.co/agencies/social-media-marketing/resources/small-business-social-media-survey-2018

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Peteyisthebest 1 year ago

Absolutely love this idea. Did you use a different hashtag on Instagram? I can see that being a great place to share.

Itspropaganda 1 year ago

Nice, did you develop this strategy in house?

mkhanabusa 1 year ago

Im a small business owner and we have been conducting a social media campaign push thats going live (END OF APRIL) across the country to celebrate Unity and Diversity. We photographed around 600 people across the country in this tee with an estimated reach of 7 Million! Anyways, here is the private link if you want to join :) #AmericanMade Tee

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