How much will I earn per hour by watching videos on Swagbucks?

Hello, I've recently been given an Android tablet and I was looking for an app to earn some extra money without having interact with it, so I've landed on Swagbucks (Please tell me if there is a better one)

I am leaving it watching movie trailers in the videos section and I am wondering how long I would need to leave it running to earn a $25 amazon giftcard if anyone knows

edit: 1 other question: Am I able to log in on my phone and tablet at the same time to earn extra points?


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nailsbeanie 2 years ago

I didn't find the Swagbucks apps and video channels to be worth it. I've gotten 150 points ($1.50) in a day before through Adscend Media on the Discover page. Those are Engage Me TV videos. I've been making less lately. There have been more "Are you still watching?" prompts. You can use up to 3 devices for Engage Me TV

Mercwithapen 2 years ago

Hell yeah Barb! Thanks for the info. and enjoy retirement.

Crazybarb 2 years ago

And never said I HAD to sit all day or click all day. Most of the time the aps work wellfor me. Today I left the house twice and both times the two apps running kept running and finished intothe bonus. What works for me may not be passive for other people. I personally made a complete batik quilt top today (along with working out for two hours and doing the other things I do) and still managed to earn with ease.

What works for me probably would not work for others but I some how manage to make a minimum of ten bucks a day and still manage my fairly busy retirement lifestyle . I value that lifestyle, so no, Iam not sitting and clicking all day long.

[deleted] 2 years ago


Crazybarb 2 years ago

I passively earn between 150 and 400 points a day doing the videos and watch on my tablets. HOWEVER, I am both a retiree and a fabric artist who sits at a table much of the day, meaning it does not inconvenience me to have the devices running next to me and click on an x every so often if needs be. Apprs reset twice a day, so I am running the six apps twice each day, plus watch. I use a total of three devices. Two run the six videos three each at the same time twice a day, and the other does watch (do note that if watch starts asking me to click each video, I back out and begin another series). I do not have a laptop, htese are done with a large samsung tablet with keyboard, phone and mini tablet. Ths is all I do on SB because once the videos are done, I move to insta gc to do all surveys and tasks. It may be my imagination, but I seem to get dq's much less often on Insta GC and t seems to happen at the beginning of the survey, rather than after 20 minutes.

NastyMcrimeboy 2 years ago

I'm not really sure personally because the SBTV app hasn't worked in months for me and when I go do something as move my mouse it says "OOOPS video not available," even in the middle of running a playlist.

Coryh83 2 years ago

Earnably has been dead since the start of the new year for me. No credit for any videos or EngagemeTV.

doges2tehmoon 2 years ago

From what I know, you can babysit all the SB apps and get around 60SB. Each app has a limit of about 10 SB and you can sometimes earn bonus SB.Everyone praises Earnably using EnagageMeTV; I don't use it becasue of data limits. You might be better off using Earnably if you want a more passive method. Do note that January is a low month for earning passively.

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