How much is a link worth?

Just getting started with link building. Some of the bloggers I've reached out to are asking money for backlinks, but I'm not sure what is good value. Specifically:

my site has a DA/PA of 40/47, and the blogger 36/36. They want $150 for a link on an existing product comparison post which includes my competitors, or $300 for a dedicated guest post. They say the blog gets 300000 pageviews per month.

  • is it worth paying for a link from a site with lower DA/PA?

  • is this about the right price for a guest post? How much should I expect to pay in general?

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ExpertBradSEO 2 years ago

A link is worth how much someone will pay for it. I used to charge $500 per PR placement, before going to a flat rate pricing model. $500 was low when you are regularly pulling top 1500 sites in the world.

Dhakwanes 2 years ago

There was an ahrefs blog post about it a few weeks ago.

dudeinseo 2 years ago

Firstly, don't compare yourself with other bloggers, especially in other niches. Prices for the blog posts should be based on the niche prices. For example, 300 000 pageviews in any commercial-related website (pharma/finance/travelling) not the same as 300 000 pageviews in other niches (blogging/spirituality/tips etc). That's why traffic in the first case would be more valuable. Also DA/PA doesn't affect on pricing and I don't know why so many bloggers think that it do. In other case, you're also should check TF/CF on Majestic, Ahrefs rank, Domain score at SEMrush and so on. I think you should keep your eyes on Alexa, website niche and traffic information from Similarweb. After that you can choose should you buy the links or not.

cixx5 2 years ago

DA and PA mean nothing. Look at relevancy and if the site gets REAL traffic. The bottom line is that Google wants relevant and engaging.

bongleblue 2 years ago

DA/PA is irrevalent to your question. Don't buy links.

tyrellxelliot 2 years ago

mostly SEO purposes - most of my customers come from Google, but I actually rank very poorly (40s) for keywords in my niche. Based on the blog's figures I won't make my money back with the guest post, so I'm leaning toward just getting the link.

SEOPub 2 years ago

DA and PA are not ranking factors. They are made up numbers from Moz. I would not base any decision based on them. They are extremely inaccurate largely because Moz's link database (Opensite Explorer) is awful. What I would look at is how well the page they are offering you a link on ranks for relevant keywords and what kind of traffic does that page itself get.

TopSEOWriter 2 years ago

Everyone charges differently. I am a guest contributor on a ton of real high authority sites and then there are others who will give you links on sites like PBNs. If you want links on real sites I can help you with that. Hit me up and can give you my list with pricing.

Tuilere 2 years ago

It is worth pie.

glanshruber 2 years ago

This person gets it. JohnMu has said in the past that while Google doesn't explicitly use DA or an equivalent when calculating a links value, PA is 'closer to the mark'. Because you can have an amazing site for fishing supplies, but if you then make a post advertising designer bedspreads that page is going to carry 0 authority on the topic.

9868john 2 years ago

It isnt a one size fits all answer Im afraid! There is no general price to pay. People set their own prices based on their niche and what they think its worth to a potential buyer, so you really have to make your own judgment. Dont just look at domain metrics. If the blog is highly relevant in your niche, then that has a lot of weight too, as does the claimed traffic, which you should verify.

e0nblue 2 years ago

Are you just doing it for SEO purposes or are you looking at increasing brand exposire and product sales too? For sales, ask the blogger to give you click-through stats on previous sponsored blog posts. If you know your conversion rate then youll be able to calculate a ballpark ROI. From an SEO standpoint, again have a look at other sponsored posts from at least a couple of months ago and check their PA. It doesnt matter that they have a 36 DA domain if their sponsored posts get a low PA because never make it to their front page or they dont get promoted the same way as a regular post. Also check other sponsored posts for quality. If they sell links to just anybody then that link will one day become useless.

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