How many times do you need to unlock to earn 10 cents with S'more?

I haven't had a day where the points haven't been added to my account. I usually unlock probably 100+ times a day. How many do you need?

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[deleted] 2 years ago

Once, its flat rate.

dannbucc 2 years ago

Your smore must not be installed right. I have a single spare phone with all the unlock apps on it, and smore basically always works by the second unlock (if its just connected to wifi for the day or something it wont always go through) and on my main phone I would get smore points even if the phone was never put into lock screen (like once the day reset, id get the notification of more points)

white_android 2 years ago

One time works for a phone I don't use very much.

SteampunkShogun 2 years ago

I haven't found an exact amount, but it seems to be roughly 5-7 times. Below that, and it doesn't always seem to credit for me. But I don't exactly count the exact number of times I unlock and S'more pops up

EpicShadowTaco 2 years ago

It's only 1 time a day isn't it?

rumplenater 2 years ago

they take a day in pending. in the feed it should say pending. I unlock maybe 30 40 times a day and always been credited

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