How many emails do you link with your phone farm?

I use several emails but at some points some of my phones share the same email with another. I have read that some people have one email account and have it linked with all their phones while other do the opposite. Some say its not a big deal while other refer to a ad id linked to those email account and wouldn't be a good idea if the id repeats on other phones. Can any provide input regarding this?

edit: I would like to clarify a bit more, regarding this I am referring to the google account email associated with your phones only, not emails used for beermoney apps.

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cp5000 2 years ago

I just one email, but use the gmail "+ trick" for each one to help differentiate. https://support.google.com/mail/answer/22370?hl=en

mistadubble 2 years ago

I used one e-mail personally for all of my reward phones. Doesn't seem to make a difference.

r_sarvas 2 years ago

Most of my phones run on one dedicated account. One phone that mainly does GPT app installs has a seperate account.

shayKyarbouti 2 years ago

I have about 25 phones active and more that have died. To setup the phones and download the apps on google play store I use 1 gmail address. For each beermoney app I use 1 email address. Meaning 1 account for the maximum allowed of phones for that specific app.

kvph 2 years ago

I use only one.

tvrec 2 years ago

I use one email for the devices & never have had any issues with apps or google play etc. For doing offer boards, I have an outlook account which merges 8 or so aliases together so that I can manage all the emails from one dedicated spam email place and still have multiple e- addresses for submitting offers.

DudeWithTheStuff 2 years ago

I've used the same gmail account for each phone and have not experienced issues on Perk, but my number of phones has never exceeded 5.

Sniperman 2 years ago

Generally i use 1 gmail per phone, usually something like transformertab@ or motog@ helps me stay better organized.

manuel2170 2 years ago

I edited my message based on your response considering that I my posting might refer to several aspects. But the one I am questioning is regarding the use of different emails on your phones for your google account, the one that lets you download apps from the google play store.

thethrifter 2 years ago

Just one email. Potentially breaking the TOS is a bad idea. Also, it can potentially ruin a good beermoney opportunity for other people when a single person make multiple fake accounts. There are so many beermoney sites out there it is better to diversify and use lots of different sites/apps instead of trying to "game the system" and create fake accounts.

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