How long to see SEO/SERP results in 2018 after making any changes on a website?

Essentially I'm wondering about how long does it normally take, a time range, to see any positive movement on the SERP for a website after you changed anything at all in it like adding more content to a page.

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AnotherSEOGuy 2 years ago

Really bloody quick now, there are a tonne of neat little tricks you can throw in also that'll increase the indexation time of your changes. I've got a few test sites, one is a blog/news sites with 6 1,200 word pieces of content, changes make impacts on that within days. I then have a dummy 'service' business (lead gen) that I see direct SERP changes within 24-48 hours. Pretty great times!

RTQMARK 2 years ago

Guess my DA of 1 won't help then...

CrunchyBuzz 2 years ago

great question - seems like it really gets faster and faster the higher your domain authority gets.

slatronica 2 years ago

Typically see quicker turnaround when trying to win featured snippets but ranking improvements can happen pretty quickly too.

webbyyy 2 years ago

Improving or adding content only makes a difference to your position once people start reading it. You need to improve your domain authority first to start ranking higher for the relevant queries.

Sebules 2 years ago

Submit URL via GWT. Sometimes you'll see an instant change if your site is powerful enough.

PierreBenneton 2 years ago

Depending on your site authority, how much it is scrapped the changes you have applied I'd say form 2 to 8 weeks, it really varies a lot. I do not think there is a general rule here, I'm just giving you a time frame based on my personal experience.

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