How long do SEOs usually take to implement?

My site is waaaxy.com, and I just put in some good keywords a few days ago, but I'm getting ZERO traffic. Can someone help??

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torourke65 1 year ago

It depends on what you did with those keywords. If you simply threw them on a page without content, you're not going to see anything other than ZERO traffic. Also, it should be useful content that someone actually needs. Don't just try and put in as many KWs as possible and hope for the best.

DeathIsMyOnlyNeed 1 year ago

I expected at least a little traffic. But now I know that I gotta wait a while.

SEOPub 1 year ago

What do you mean "I just put in some good keywords a few days ago"? Do you think that just because you list a few keywords on your site you should rank highly for them? Well, that won't happen.

DeathIsMyOnlyNeed 1 year ago

Ah, OK.

BryrDe 1 year ago

there's no specific timeframe. It's different from one website to the other. if your website is in a competitive niche, it might take longer

DeAngeloLT 1 year ago

Several months

DeathIsMyOnlyNeed 1 year ago

I see. Thanks.

UpLowHighDown 1 year ago

You need to be really patient...extremely patient. Seo is not something that will bring you results in a day or two, probably not even in a couple of months. It not only depends on your strategy but also on the competency, therefore just work hard and if you are starting from 0, expect direct results in minimum 5-6 months to avoid disappointment.

mighty_k_marketing 1 year ago

Months to years depending on keyword difficulty and what your competitors are doing for SEO.

BillySavery 1 year ago

3-6 months maybe even 12 depending on how good your strategy is.

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