How I failed and then won with rich snippets in SERP in 2 days

When I was implementing structured data for our sites in June 2017, I followed all the rules of schema.org and Google structured data guidelines, however, our sites weren't showing in Google SERP as rich snippets for months.

I didn't know whether it's a problem on our side or Google just didn't indexed the change.

The issue got resolved a few days ago. During last days, we started migrating our tools' landing pages under one main domain. We started with one of our tools called SERPChecker.

After doing 301 redirect to the main domain it took Google around 24-36 hours to index this change. And you know what? The rich snippet with star rating, price and product category are there, finally!

So what was the issue? After some research I came to this: Google doesn't accept rich snippets for homepages; rich snippet annotations should be placed on leaf pages.

The solution is really simple. Adding schema to leaf pages will do the trick. Anyone with similar experience or any issue with implementing rich snippets?

If you want some more information about this "fail and win", I wrote a short case study: https://mangools.com/blog/fail-win-rich-snippets-serp-2-days-case-study/

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hrbacik 1 year ago

Yes, it can be tricky sometimes. Maybe this little guide will help you. https://mangools.com/blog/schema-structured-data-what-you-always-wanted-to-know/

hrbacik 1 year ago

Yes, exactly. In my opinion, that's the reason. (edited)

hrbacik 1 year ago

We've implemented schema also using JSON-LD. It is a recommended type of markup.

gucciman666 1 year ago

LOL. Yeah, basically.

LeBaux 1 year ago

Hello, Im a human and this is the best TLDR I could make: Google doesn't accept rich snippets on homepages Thats it.

iamthedigitalcheese 1 year ago

Which implementation were you using? I've had great success with LD+JSON.

jasongill 1 year ago

"Google reviewed their case" wow wouldn't that be nice... I've heard of some startups in SF basically buying influence from friends at Google to get them out of penalties and stuff.

tlanger 1 year ago

I tried doing schema using the google wizard but only got a blank page. I tried it on my homepage only. Have not tried on any other pages. Maybe I should try again soon!

Abiv23 1 year ago

Nice post OP anecdotally i'll share that a client had an issue with rich snippet inclusion and the solution aggregate pages (ex. sportsball coupons) won't be able to display snippets, but individual coupon pages (ex. sportsball free shipping) were able this client is in mountain view and google reviewed the case and told them the aggregate pages won't be able to display in their algo I wonder if the homepage snippet issue is related Either way it'd be nice if they updated their guidelines to include this stuff

seoasnwer 1 year ago

For small businesses with single page websites, it's pretty annoying that the rich snippets are not working. But I understand it would be open to spammy practices.

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