How does Google process local search?

e searches: plumber plumber near me plumber nameoftown

Google replies with very different results. I assumed just searching "plumber" would use your IP for the area but that doesnt seem to be the case. (I believe adwords performs this way though?)

My question is what is the best way to rank for all three methods someone might enter a search phrase looking for something local?

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WindyRebel 2 years ago

Google processes local search by knowing the business address, citations pointing to it, ratings. Be sure your site and citations are harmonized (e.g., same name, address, phone, etc) and you have decent ratings or are responding to bad ones. Google wants authoritative and trustworthy businesses, so if you neglect ratings them you might not show in a local pack like your competitors. Google also presents results based on your search patterns/preferences. They use identifiers like your gps, nearby wifi networks, and your mobile network connection to determine your approximate or exact location and they deliver the results that way.

TheWiseMan24 2 years ago

Do you include the location in your keywords? If not, then you should look to include localised keywords (exact and variants). It also helps if your Google+ Map listing is kept updated with your address and contact details and the format of the address is consistent throughout your website and third party sites such as directories.

theColorado5280 2 years ago

Although all three different type searches may bring up different results, its been our experience that as long as you have you're on site SEO together if you rank high for one, you'll rank high for all three.

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