How do you make money from websites without ads?

By looking at different websites in my country, I've come across a lot of them that don't have any ads but a lot of content. I'm sure they exist to make money and that's why I wanted to ask you, how is it possible to make money on a website if you don't have any ads? They're mostly being shared on Facebook, does that maybe bring them revenue, or is this maybe a way to gather readers and then monetize the webpage?

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doogysnoogy 2 years ago

Well you can build yourself as a brand, and others will come to you to have their businesses featured in your website. Or you can work with other influencers and do collaborations. Phlanx is a platform that is best in collabs.

breakingeveninc 2 years ago

Most of the websites we update and do content for rely on landing pages and with the exception of the occasional ecommerce site, driving traffic with helpful, relevant content (usually via blog posts). The website itself may not be making money, but it's used as a marketing tool for the business.

dotcomer77 2 years ago

Most of my clients that I write for do it with traffic. By ranking their websites pushes a lot of people to their sites and then they do it will affiliate marketing etc. I can help drive some traffic if you need

theseofellow 2 years ago

Affiliate marketing, lead capture then resell via email, or sell products on the actual website (eCommerce).

Sbenko 2 years ago

If you manage to create a "brand name" site, with a large following and a specific audience profile then it's all about content marketing. Let the advertisers/brand come to you, and create good content together

potpotdot 2 years ago

Those websites dont have a landing page

ahartzog 2 years ago

Landing pages convert to email list, email list converts to purchasers later on

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