How do you get jobs at Appen

So i signed up for Appen and applied for a job, i got my notice that my resume has been recieved, i heard rumors that a test will be sent to me but so far i have not recieved one. I'm also wondering do I have to sign up to more projects to get work or will they really email me? If anyone has advice let me know, or let me know of alternatives.

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supersonicstep 2 years ago

Any jobs to do while i wait?

supersonicstep 2 years ago

Would you recommend any jobs i can do while i wait?

TheresANameSomewhere 2 years ago

I applied during my spring semester at college. I received a project invitation the month after the semester ended. On the other hand, I made >$1000 last month, and have made a decent chunk so far this month. Good luck!

BonvivantNamedDom 2 years ago

I waited two weeks, and today I finally got an invitation. Still cant work yet, but its a step forward, I guess.

BonvivantNamedDom 2 years ago

Thats good, but the projects arent forever. What kind of jobs did you work there?

mybeermoneyaccount 2 years ago

Wait. A lot. More than you want to. They will email you but not for a while, depending on the project. Their pool is saturated.

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