How do you charge your clients for SEO?

Hello. I'm having my first client here and we are discussing about how should he pay me. He wants to go hourly, but I'm thinking about fixed rate per month.

What do you guys do?

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NorthernPowderhouse 1 year ago

I've worked for startups, small local agencies and large global agencies. At every place we've charged a monthly retainer which is based off our head hour cost. We then prove value to the client by the quality of our work and working completely transparently and also keeping a timesheet of hours worked, by day, on every client so there can be no disputes (although, of course, people still like to dispute). There are upsides and downsides to both ways of working and billing but if this is your first client (and you might need him to pay the bills and develop a good word of mouth reputation?) it's probably worth being flexible and working to how your client wants for the time being. You can always just work the amount of hours every month you would have charged him anyway :)

wishtreeinfo 1 year ago

I suggest having a monthly package or some higher ones, rather than hourly.

willtoshower 1 year ago

Mind sharing?

vamediabox 1 year ago

We are charging monthly because we have monthly packages.

NHRADeuce 1 year ago

Monthly retainer. What we do each month is up to us - blog writing, article syndication, backlinks, PR, etc. We report what was completed and provide analytic data on the results. Clients rarely give a crap what we are actually doing, they just want to see the phone calls and goal completion numbers go up.

TimAugust34 1 year ago

I do a monthly retainer... but i make it very clear to my clients how expensive acquiring a solid link costs.

Rein3 1 year ago

Make a list of everything you'll do during the job. With the amount of time it will take and put a price to your hours. Add an extra for tools and other things (copy, license, servers, domains...) Same for monthly or weekly actions.

Astrixtc 1 year ago

I split the difference and charge a fixed retainer rate+ hourly. The retainer covers my time spent answering a reasonable amount of texts, phone calls, & emails + monthly reporting and access to a reasonable amount of stock photos to insert in content I generate.

ExpertBradSEO 1 year ago

I have been monthly for years, 6 or 12 month contracts. But I am transitioning over to hourly, starting at $350hr.

importanterthanyou 1 year ago

I was thinking this. Currently the guy I work for wants me in 3 days a week doing 8 hours per day, but I dont think these things I do (outreach/backlink building) are tasks you can just sit down and do for 8 hours. Also if you were a client, how much hours per month would you expect from someone like me?

jk410 1 year ago

I absolutely hated doing hourly. I would suggest a monthly retainer. If you can't convince the client that you are adding value without an hourly task breakdown they are probably not a good client for you anyway.

AnotherSEOGuy 1 year ago

If you're solo and reliant on the income, charge a monthly retainer based on an hourly basis (50 p/hour @ 20 hours p/month, 1000 p/month overall). Keep track and be communicative, pretty much all your client wants is MoM growth and communication, if you're giving them both of those you'll be killing it in no time. Good luck!

iamthedigitalcheese 1 year ago

I have a few different packages and a-la-carte rates for anything outside of those.

reganmcgregorau 1 year ago

Charging is always the worst part of the job. Hourly is the best way to manage expectations for your clients. You also make sure you don't cheat yourself out of money. A good way is for clients to commit to a minimum monthly package of hours. These hours are made slightly cheaper because they commit to the constant work.

importanterthanyou 1 year ago

Yep, Im mostly doing pr/outreach and comming up with ideas.

JustinBilyj 1 year ago

Usually companies come to us and ask for SEO, when in fact, we're usually doing content first because their existing content isn't optimized (or high quality shareable stuff) for SEO. Afterwards, we charge hourly with a pre set number of hours per month, to do PR/outreach for link building. If the backlinks requires content like a guest post or guestographic, than we create the contemt and bill separately. Charging per backlink is a huckster's way of doing SEO that's reserved for black hat forum site sellers...

DarrellAllen 1 year ago

You can convince your client clearly.

importanterthanyou 1 year ago

I did on page seo in january, now I outsource article writing and build links to said articles.

monicadaga 1 year ago

Hey, Start by going on an hourly basis, because its a win-win situation for both you and the provider. Since you are new, you would always want to work harder and get the work done, no matter how much time does it take. You will have to prove yourself and that would take a lot of time so go by hourly rates.

niquetapute 1 year ago

What kind of job will you do for him? I get the impression that everyone on this subs is just writing blog articles

Azphelumbruh 1 year ago

Estimate x hours per month for y total cost and anything over gets charged on time and materials basis.

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