How do you bill accurately when you work online?

I am doing a bit of research about working online, remotely, from home etc and one of the things that comes to my mind is: how can people make sure they charge enough for the work they will be doing?

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dimdal 2 years ago

I would recommend trying Timely. What sets us apart from most time tracking software is our Memory tracker. It automatically tracks everything you do on your computer throughout the day, and generates a beautiful timeline. You can create a timesheet from it with just two clicks. It works with any app that runs on macOS or Windows, and it can even track your location and phone calls. Ive worked online myself, and I certainly didn't want to waste time doing admin work. Timely just makes it so much faster. It shows me exactly how I spend my time, so I've also become way more productive in the process. I've also tried software like Harvest or Toggl. These have a more manual approach to time tracking, but are certainly easy to get started with. If you absolutely don't want to pay for time tracking, you can use spreadsheets. There are many good timesheet templates you can download from the web. Disclaimer: I work for Memory, the company that develops Timely :-).

AndetteM 2 years ago

I appreciate the insight. I'm considering switching to a remote location, but I would have to make a good pitch as to how that would work to my current company.

Tiff2_0 2 years ago

I use a time tracking app called Toggl that is free and send reports to clients with my bill so that they can see when/how much time was spent working on their project as well as how many hours were billed on the invoice.

IvanaHUGonYA 2 years ago

I work from home for Apple. They have a schedule that we follow and to make sure we are working, there are programs that measures our work and since you usually have to connect to a VPN for wfh companies, they can see if youre logged in or idle etc.

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