How do SEO services work? I don't mean for results, I mean the services themselves

There are many SEO packages you can buy on the web that promise 5000+ backlinks from different sources like blogs, .edu sites, and forums.

Sometimes only a few people are selling the package, so how is it possible that they build so many links for a site with so few people running the SEO? Do they have bot accounts on different platforms that link to your site, or how does it work?

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steffanlv 1 year ago

I use a myriad of software suites to achieve the same result. I have Scrapebox for finding site "footprints", dropped/expired domains and other sites, analytics that meet certain criteria. I have GSA Search Engine Ranker that is used to setup campaigns that search specific networks and Google for various types of "footprints" which I can then create an account on, submit a comment on, submit a link or content to or interact with in some other way in the hopes of getting a back link. I use ZennoPoster for the same thing but also for getting social signals for my myriad of social accounts. I also use XRanker for creating accounts, building auto-sites and submissions to get back links and increase the nodes in my various private blog networks (pbn). I use Power Suite to find sites that meet certain criteria and submit requests for guest blogging (as well as other targeted requests). I use a bunch of other software too to create content, spin it, submit it, etc. I have a myriad of captcha solving software and services, a few dozen private proxies and two servers (one physical and one VPS) for running all this software on a 24/7 basis. I eat tons of terabytes of bandwidth monthly. In addition to all this I also use SEO packages you find on sites like WarriorForum, Digital Point and BlackHatWorld, some simple stuff on Fivver, etc. I used to spend a few grand monthly on SEO services for various sites but over the last 8 years have moved to creating much of the back links, content and submission of all myself. Saved me a lot of money, but it's still costly, somewhat.

mattvd1 1 year ago

These are spam bot accounts that will either comment on open forums and automatically reply to certain comments. A rule of thumb is to never buy a link building package that promises huge amounts of links they are almost always spam.

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