How do I start writing again?

I love writing, but I’m afraid that after years of not having to write much in college or afterwards in my job, I’m out of practice. At this point I don’t even want to write anything for other people - I just want to remember how amazing it feels. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t get back into it. I don’t know what to write, I feel like I don’t have anything worth writing, or I revert into basic journaling.

Does anyone have a resource they turn to for writing practice, or a method for writing consistently? Writing prompts don’t seem to work for me because most seem to be geared towards fiction writing, which doesn’t interest me. I’ll try anything to get into writing again!

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curlypaliglow 2 years ago

Good point. I enjoy reading just about everything, and Im reading constantly. But I probably get the most out of reading nonfiction, and thats what I want to write. Specifically, using research and academia to comment on society, politics, identity, etc, which goes well with me being in the field of Psychology. But thats a long ways away from my writing now, which like I said is mostly journaling. Your practice of keeping notes on your dreams is really interesting and I think I can do something similar to inform my writing. Maybe keeping notes on my everyday experiences, which a lot of other people have suggested, could hold similar inspiration for me!

AuthorGRJerry 2 years ago

You did not mention what you enjoy reading. If you are going to write and find enjoyment - then pick a subject you can get worked up about. I write fantasy/horror, so I like to read other author's works, watch old movies and make mental notes of my dreams. I have an unpublished piece - over 400 k words & 10 years in the making - all started from one simple dream. Your best resource is what you'll find up in that skull of yours.

curlypaliglow 2 years ago

Im starting to like this idea more and more, thank you. Hey maybe Ill end up writing something I like without even trying!

curlypaliglow 2 years ago

I love the idea of blogging, but I again run into the problem of feeling like I dont have any original ideas to share! Every time I feel the urge to write something that would maybe make a good blog post or social media post, I think about how Im sure someone has already written this, but better, and I feel discouraged. Maybe I could start blogging with no expectation of anyone reading it, to take the pressure off. If nothing else, it could serve as a good creative outlet for myself. Thank you for the idea! Do you have any websites you would recommend for beginner bloggers? Im sure there are plenty of good ones out there!

AtreidesJr 2 years ago

Write. Every day, at least a little. Doesn't matter if it's good--humans are good at critiquing, so critique your work after it's finished. All that really matters is you get your story on paper. I hope you find your way back into writing! Good luck!

NovelNovelist 2 years ago

Have you considered blogging? Maybe youd enjoy writing short, informative entries about subjects in which youre well versed and can offer advice. You could write about almost anything: Organization Budgeting Photography Relationships Car maintenance Tips for specific card games Geopolitics Calculus Obviously Im trying to pick a diverse range of obscure topics to get you thinking, Well I dont do photography but I like gardening. Or I dont know enough about geopolitics, but I could write about geography or history. Etc. I bring up blogging because you mentioned youre not interested in writing fiction, and want to expand beyond basic journaling. Plus you seem to want to write something others will find of value (which is awesome! Though of course writing for yourself can be very rewarding too), so this way you can inform and educate/provide handy resources people can look up.

Punchclops 2 years ago

The book referred to here is The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It's a little too spiritual for my liking but the daily pages concept is a great way to get into the practice of writing something on a regular basis. I followed it for a while a few years ago. Some days all I'd write would be variations of "I don't know what to write". It doesn't matter at all what you write because the goal of the daily pages is the practice, not the content.

curlypaliglow 2 years ago

I love the idea of free writing, but I have trouble believing that my stream of conscious thoughts are even worth writing down...But thank you for the tip, its definitely worth a shot!

curlypaliglow 2 years ago

Thats great advice both for writing and probably for good mental health too. I think I probably knew that writing every day was a good place to start, but needed the encouragement so thank you!

WhereSkyMeetsGround 2 years ago

There was a book that came out some years ago, though I can't remember the title, that espoused what the author called "daily pages." They would sit down everyday and write (X) pages, of whatever came to mind. Just whatever thoughts were there, letting the pen go where it wanted to go. You choose the number of pages. The key is to stick with it. It sounds deceptively simple, but in some of my most fertile writing periods, this method has helped fill in those dry spells. You'd be surprised. It's a bit like taking a short run everyday, or a brief set of indoor exercises. It keeps you limber. Anyway, this is a method that has worked for me and a number of other folks I know. Hopefully you'll find it helpful. ;)

rootzmac 2 years ago

Ive been writing on-and-off for years now, and the thing that keeps me in practice even through the busiest times is journal-writing. Write every day, even if its just a few paragraphs about your walk in the park. The key for my relationship with writing has always been to try and be more attentive and to write down random observations, whether theyre about me or my day or nature or whatever. Be in tune with your thoughts and document them as well and interestingly as you can.

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