How do I start? I'm trying to build a virtual sales assistant.

eat idea for a website but I have no idea how to start. I am a sales rep with established retail customers that already buy from my company. I visit the customers in the store and take orders on a weekly or biweekly basis. We just added a whole category of items - about 3,000 skus that customers have not historically bought from us. The biggest issue my customers have is that they don't have an easy way of ordering these products online. These products are inexpensive and ordered by the each which makes it a big hassle to call me and place orders. My competition has slick websites that make ordering easy.

If I had a website that my customers could use on their phone, scan items with a barcode scanner, add to a cart and "checkout" - I would be ahead of the competition in convenience and increase my sales exponentially.

So, Here is what I need to be able to do with this site:

It needs to be able to support a catalog of 3,000 items with descriptions and pictures with pricing and stock that can be easily updated on a weekly basis. I need to be able to upload a csv file with all the information.

It needs a login function so that only my customers can access it.

It needs to incorporate a iphone barcode scanner that can be used to add items to a shopping cart.

The checkout function should simply send an email to me listing item codes and quantities for me to generate the po.

Thats what I need - anyone have any ideas where the best place to start would be?

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HSBD 3 years ago

Your project looks intriguing. The more I dive into this, the more I feel that I have to learn! Thank you for the advice.

HSBD 3 years ago

Thanks. I've got a call scheduled with a manager at CodementorX later this evening. I also made a mockup on Moqup.com so I can better communicate my vision for the site. Thank you for your advice!

swiftversion4 3 years ago

Damn, i'm actually building a MySQL database that does almost everything you ask. Of course it's only a database. You would need to get the website built yourself. Also it isn't ready yet, but I will have a kind of 1.0 release in a few weeks. On the other hand, if you know Microsoft Access, you wouldn't need a website. That way it would actually be only a moderately difficult problem for someone without an IT background, rather than an impossible one. Microsoft Access allows end users to basically manage and interact with a database without needing to make a website or use SQL. It's pretty nice if you need end-users to access and use a database but you don't want to bother creating a website. EDIT: forget what I said about Microsoft Access. You do need a website after all lol. if you want to follow or fork the project, check it out here: https://github.com/runninguru/MySQL-eCommerce The only thing you ask for that the database isn't currently designed to accommodate is barcode scanning. Most of that would be done with other parts of the website. If I learned how to do it, it wouldn't be difficult to accommodate barcode scanning with the stored product table.

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