How do I rank first for my brand name?

Hi guys, I'm struggling to rank first for the word GIOMEX in google, it keeps coming up with a low budget Indian watches, and news articals about Selena Gomez, it driving me crazy just trying to get my site on the first page! Or any page for that matter! Any suggestions would be awesome guys, I just don't know where else to turn.

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MichaelScott1606 2 years ago

Social platforms are important for branded SERPs, especially Twitter. Google pulls through a snippet of recent tweets, which helps a brand own a SERP. Along with the above advice, keep your Twitter updated and active so theres fresh content for Google to pull through.

GIOMEX7 2 years ago

Sure thing, Its www. GIOMEX.co.uk

GIOMEX7 2 years ago

That sounds like a pretty solid plan, I've been mentioned on some blogs, but I've never made a press release before. I'll have to try it -^ Thank you!

bigtakeoff 2 years ago

Have you posted some blogs introducing your brand? Why not make a press release? That should get you ranked for your brand real quick.

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