How do I make money from a website with 100k daily page views and average of two hours reading per user without annoying users with ads?

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insomniax20 2 years ago

Have you done any analytics to see who these people are?

theeastcoastwest 2 years ago

Need more info

calivisitor508 2 years ago

Can you PM the link? Happy to offer some ideas. Sounds like adsense isnt a good option for some reason?

subredditoooo 2 years ago

Affiliate Marketing

smearmyrain 2 years ago

Did one of u guys just purchased brotatochip.com?

hamellr 2 years ago

Sell the site to someone else and let them annoy your readers with ads.

craigcherlet 2 years ago

Brotato chip!!! LMAO

fangbodang 2 years ago

This obviously depends on the niche/content of your website. There's no way to make a generalized monetization strategy recommendation based off this. If it's some sort of weird video streaming site, content locking, crypto mining, or selling your own product/service/upgraded membership option are the main contenders other than display/cpa ads. Depends where your traffic is from too geographically. Patreon is an option too if your content is unique to you as a personality. Donation buttons rarely earn much. Try to somehow opt people into your mailing list too and incentivize FB page likes so you capture those as well. Start a youtube page and funnel people to it with an exit popup potentially, for more subscriber capturing. Depending what the niche is get paid for guest bloggers promoting on your site with something less intrusive than ads. Alternatively, sell the site outright, if those stats are real you can get a decent chunk of change.

massinfoline 2 years ago

There is many way But Daily 100k visitor Only consider as per Your Niche. Some Paid And Adsence help You LOL!!!!

tnorcal 2 years ago

Unless if its for old people learning how to move the mouse to the right.

Gabrock 2 years ago

But Netflix and the less legal websites to stream movies.

Dick_Lazer 2 years ago

Would you happen to know any examples of existing sites that have opt-in mining? I'm just curious how they handle that.

Jeff_Buckenheimer 2 years ago

Hahaha brotato chip. Thats a new one, using that.

ICanBeProductive 2 years ago

This is definitely a viable option, but I would make sure you have an opt-out, these can feel a little intrusive, also uses extra bandwidth etc. which some users may not appreciate - especially if theyre on the site and mining for two hours.

RasAlTimmeh 2 years ago

Market your own products, dont sell someone else's

gimme-a-1-gimme-a-2 2 years ago

ZERO websites have avg read time of 2hrs. Stop pretending brotato chip.

VMoHj5 2 years ago

you can try the soft way at the beginning, tipping jar or patreon page

_NAH_BRUH_ 2 years ago

Curious on this if you have any more info...

Bettina88 2 years ago

JavaScript crypto mining. Just make sure to inform your users. Doing it without consent is essentially malware. It's perfect for your visitor behavior though. What are people reading for two hours though? It's not video? Note: crypto mining on video sites can degrade performance. Edit: Why is this modded down?

asleepliterature 2 years ago

what content are you publishing? maybe you could create something more in-depth and sell it as a course or tutorial. put promoting links at the bottom of what the user is reading. make a new post of an overview of your course and offer a promotion for readers who land on that page

ZachWinterton 2 years ago

I would advise to build a product offering around the content. What is the niche?

jereader 2 years ago

Offer premium content but require a membership for $.99/mo or such.

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