How can SEO help to retain customers / win them back?

ly putting together a presentation for a large insurance (car, home contents, pet, travel), roadside assistance, and membership (deals on movie tickets, internet packages, etc) organization, and I've been tasked to put together a few slides on how SEO/UX can help with acquisition, growing the number of products per person, retention, and win-backs. The former two are relatively straightforward, but I'm struggling to think of ideas for the latter pair.

So far I've got: personalisation (i.e. displaying different images/text/localities etc for certain users), making the member portal login a better experience, and implementing a comparison service.

Obviously email/social remarketing and display retargeting would he ideal for retention and win-backs, but I'm specifically looking for ideas that fall under organic/SEO/UX.

Any help would be great!!

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RobNick83 2 years ago

Well, there are a few ways you can do this. First, they want to build trust. The best way to build confidence in business today is to be transparent. People that are looking for insurance most likely are not going to understand the plans. So, find out what are the most confusing or misunderstood parts of the plans, then create content explaining to them what they mean in everyday language. This strategy has at least two purposes: 1) Like mentioned above, it will build trust with potential clients by being clear on the plans. This shows the company has nothing to hide. 2) This will increase the chances of being found on search engines because you are more likely going to be using keywords potential customers are going to use. Second, since it is a large insurance company, they can have content that is outside of the insurance industry but still be relevant to their business. Let's take cars for example: Creating content like, "5 Ways to Winterproof Your Car" in the winter time or "7 Things Car Dealerships Don't Want You To Know" can also build up trust. This will also condition potential customers' minds to remember the source of where they are getting all of this valuable information. If you are able to rank on the first page of Google using the keywords, then people will come and check the articles. If they find the article useful, the chances of potential customers searching around on the company site will increase. (Especially if you use links from other articles on the website.) Conclusion Creating article pieces that are designed to help people make their lives better, will mentally establish the relation between being helpful and the company's brand. Customers make purchases based on emotion, so creating "feel good" content that will provide value inside and outside the insurance industry (but relevant to the company) will bring more visitors to the website, which in turn help with positioning the company's website at the top of Google's search results if done right.

frshtrx 2 years ago

Content marketing. What's the content need? Customer comm? Retention? Feel good? Support? Updates? Write it. What's good for search is good for customers.

Testnutzer123 2 years ago

I could imagine there is a livecycle for your customers. So they search for certain keywords when they chose an insurance and for other keywords when they already have one. I optimized for a big car manufacturer once. So after we optimized for the cars and related keywords itself, we optimized for common car issues, car parts, tips for the care of a car etc.

nick51xx 2 years ago

Thanks. I've got a few years experience working full-time as an SEO so am pretty familiar with the basics, so I'm looking for "outside the box" ideas to win back a potential client's customers using organic methods. This is probably more down the path of UX/DX than out-and-out SEO

VapeTitans 2 years ago

SEO will definitely help with acquisition, thats kind of the whole point. By building keyword optimized landing pages, youll be able to bring in loads of FREE potential customers.

onemananswerfactory 2 years ago

Lame. What is the purpose of an SEO forum if you can't ask for advice from people who also do SEO?

nick51xx 2 years ago

OK thanks. Have you never asked a colleague for help on a task? Just curious.

nick51xx 2 years ago

Haha I mean the company's clients, not the agency's SEO clients, but thanks anyway

steffanlv 2 years ago

If you have to ask, you probably aren't qualified to make the recommendations.

JonasPolskyAMA 2 years ago

Hey, most of my experience with returning clients is that their rankings/traffic went down when they switched to the different agency.

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